Best Sd Memory Cards for Canon t3i in 2021

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Are you finding best sd memory cards for canon t3i? so here we go,Canon t3i has been attracting photography enthusiasts since its first day of arrival in the market. Its enhanced features such as auto picture style mode, JPEG options, reduced resolution and especially the swivel screen, have made all the customers go gaga over it.

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The Canon t3i is a little heavier as compared to the previous modal but the grip has been improved a lot as compared to the last time. Consumers opt this camera majorly because of the swivel screen, otherwise there is no big difference so those who don’t need swivel screen, can opt for the previous modal Canon t2i too, and that would work just fine.

Best Memory Cards for Canon EOS Rebel t3i in 2021

Memory cards are one of the fundamental components while discussing the features of a camera. Canon Rebel t3i is known for its compatibility and works with all SD/SDHC and SDXC memory cards. But still from such a wide variety, SanDisk Extreme, Transcend and Lexar Professional can be considered as best memory sd cards for canon t3i.

Storage Power of Canon t3i Memory Card

The Canon Rebel t3i works with all SD/SDHC and SDXC memory cards so it provides a good deal of storage, it can be well understood with an example that if the best SD card for video Canon t3i for e.g. Kingston etc. is used,the maximum shooting time allocated is 29 min 57 sec, which is a revolutionary feature but it may decrease depending upon the factors like camera temperature etc.

Best SD Card for Canon Rebel t3i To Buy

Canon Rebel t3i is known for its versatility, so it works fine with different SD cards so Canon t3i SD card compatibility isn’t confined to some chosen ones. But still Sony, Kingston and PNY make some of the best Canon EOS rebel t3i memory cards, according to the consumer choice.

SD cards with Maximum Read/Write Speed

The greater the Read/Write speed a SD card has, the more improved quality is ensured and data transfer speed isn’t compromised. Most of the times, Canon t3i works with at least 10MB/s, and no matter how cheap the card is, it has to provide the 10MB/s speed, otherwise the whole photography is affected and video shooting turns out to be a disaster.

Here in this article, we have shared several famous options for Canon t3i memory cards, with their features and price mentioned. Each one of them can be easily found on Amazon.

Transcend 64GB SDXC

best memory cards for canon t3i

The first and foremost important feature is, this rebel t3 memory card supports all three standby, sleep and power off modes, which is rare in most of the SD cards. The cards best compatibility factor is class 10, and it works only with SDXC coded devices not with SD or SDHC ones.

This Canon t3i SD card comes with error correction mode so to lessen the transfer error and hence improves the quality of data transferred, with an amazing read speed of 20MS/s and write speed of 16MB/s.

PNY Elite Performance 64GB Flash Memory Card

best sd card for canon rebel t3i

This card works with an ultimate 95 MBS/s transfer rate, highly recommended for video shooting, sports photography and for travelling purposes, hence can be termed as one of the best memory cards for canon t3i.

The high speed performance allows the users to transfer a huge deal of data within a limited time span. Nothing beats the performance of a memory card as badly as temperature, but this Canon EOS t3i memory card is temperature proof as well as magnet proof.

SanDisk Ultra 8GB Memory Card

SanDisk Ultra 8GB

This class 10 rebel t3 memory card is best known for its 8GB data storage capacity, hence is able to store a great deal of data. This card is made to be water proof and shock proof with a reading speed of about 40 MB/s and writing speed of about 10MB/s. The card is of high volume so formatting it about even twenty times a day doesn’t affect its performance.

The consumer finds the general quality control amazing, and mostly term the working rate well sustaining.

LP-E8 Battery & Charger + 32GB SD Card

Rated as an almost “complete” kit, it carries all the essential components and has been one of the best-selling at Amazon as it comes with Transcend 32GB Secure Digital SDHC UHS-I Class 10 U1 Memory Card, Spare LP-E8 Battery for Canon, Battery Charger for Canon LP-E8, Precision Design SD & MicroSD SDHC / SDXC Memory Card Reader, Precision Design 8 SD / 2 MicroSD Memory Card Case, Image Recall Digital Image Recovery Software.This product is definitely worth trying at least for once.


This Canon rebel t3i SD card is pretty economical and provides an amazing storage capacity of 32GB. As we all know that memory cards are all about the class, the higher the class is, the faster the card works, so it is a class 10 SD card.

Even at this reasonable price, the manufacturers have given a whole one year warranty and this card has been termed by users as fast and reliable, so it won’t be risky to get your hands on such an economical product with such multiple features.

Transcend 32 GB SDHC Memory Card for Canon t3i

The Transcend memory cards have been termed as the best memory cards for Canon. This card provides a full 32 GB storage capacity and enhances the speed of your work with a class 10 working speed. This rebel t3 memory card is available on Amazon and the rate at which it is sold, definitely marks it as one of the most liked SD cards by the consumers.

The read and write speed of 10MB/s make the whole photography experience of consumers more lively and enjoyable.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital Camera Memory Card

Canon EOS Rebel card

This card is manufactured by Kingston, which is well known throughout the world for making high quality SD cards. The storage capacity of 4GB at a price of 9.69$, makes it more preferable if you want to use it for indoor photography purposes. This SDHC card is compatible for only SDHC devices and thus for the economical factor, it can serve as a decent option.

All these options just depict one factor, that the Canon t3i SD card compatibility is really wide and versatile. The consumers can choose any card according to their own pocket and demands, to beautify their whole photography experience.

Most of the latest SD cards have been made as temperature and x ray proof so the performance of camera isn’t hindered because of these factors. From 9$ to 35$, every range of SD cards can be found, depicting their own features. Manufacturers are coming up with more advanced varieties of Canon SD cards to fulfill more demands of the consumers.

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