Best Memory Cards for Nikon d810 Camera

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Have you been in search of the best and reliable SD cards or CF cards for your Nikon D810? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get the required information out! Right here we are recommending you with some of the top excellent and best memory cards for Nikon d810 camera in 2021!

High Importance of Memory Cards in Photography

We all are completely aware of the importance of every single second of photography touch in which the hard work and passion of the photography are wholly visible. Therefore, having an excellent quality of the memory card is so much important.

It is also important to keep the fastest memory card with you as it will provide the fastest buffer clearing time between the burst shots for optimizing your entire shooting experience.

Besides fast memory card will also enable a large size of files to get easily transferred in your PC in just a few seconds. Talking about Nikon D810, it is included with 1 CF memory card slot as well as 1 SD memory card slot (UHS-I support).

Best Memory Cards for Nikon d810 Camera to Buy

So let’s just not waste the time and pick top best and excellent memory cards for your Nikon d810 camera:

1. Lexar Professional 1066x UDMA 7

On the top of the list, we have the name of Lexar Professional 1066x UDMA 7! This has been one of the top fastest and best memory cards for your camera.
It is quite affordable in price. CF cards as the two of them which we recommended are somehow fastest in processing as compared to the SD fastest memory cards.

You can make the use of these SD’s as your backup or even for your RAW or video purposes only. This has been one of the most recommended memory cards for Nikon D810.

It is also included with the downloadable Image Rescue software if somehow you have misplaced or lost all your important files.

It is available in different sizes such as 32GB, 256GB, 16GB, 128GB and 64GB.

2. SanDisk Extreme Pro UDMA 7

The next on our list of best memory cards for Nikon d810 camera we have the name of SanDisk Extreme Pro UDMA 7!

This has been quite a lot similar in the speed working just like Lexar Professional 1066x UDMA 7.
This brand has been used for the last so many years in both the categories of SD and CF.

They have always lived up to the expectations of the users. It is a lot popular in terms of its durable nature and it does have an ability in which it can work in different working conditions such as in extreme cold and the summer heat.

3. SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I U3

On the third spot, we have SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro 32GB U3! This has been probably one of the most favorite cards and in just the last time it has earned a big status and fame.

It is extremely cheap and is providing reading and writing speeds at around 90MB/s.

All in all, it is probably the best and perfect option not just for the Nikon D810 but even for all the DSLR cameras having an SD slot.

The speed power of this card has made it so much highly recommended. You can use it for your K video, HD resolution, and large megapixel cameras. It is available in different sizes such as 32GB, 256GB, 16GB, 128GB and 64GB.

4. Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II

Another most top recommended and yet the best memory card for Nikon d810 camera is Lexar Professional 2000x.

Although D810 has not been in a support of UHS-II therefore, we will be recommending you to get the UHS-II card if in case you are desperately waiting to have your files be transferred in our PC in big sizes.

It is available with the USB 3.0 reader as well as downloadable Image Rescue software. These two features make it superbly excellent for beginner and professional use.

It is available in three card slot options such as 128B, 32GB as well as 6GB.

5. PNY Technologies 64GB Elite Performance UHS-1 SDXC

This has been another top leading memory card which is accompanied by the Ultra High Speed based (UHS-1/U3) form of the data bus.

It has the capacity in which it can read at the speed of around 95 MB/s. Also, it has the compatibility to work with DSLR cameras, digital cameras, computer systems, and camcorders.

To store the high-definition data or content, it is available with a premium storage capacity of around 64GB in which you can easily hold the video of 14 hours.
For protecting your private data, PNY Technologies has even designed the card with some magnet-proof, and shockproof finished.

It is fully built with some waterproof technologies. Furthermore, you can also ensure the accidental erasure of your whole valuable data through the write-protection switch.

6. Transcend 32GB SDHC Memory Card Premium Class 10 UHS-I

This is last on our list in which this premium memory card is offering a maximum range speed of around 60 MB/s.

It has a writing maximum speed of almost 25 MB/s. Besides, the minimum transfer rate of this memory card is 10 MB/s. It is just compatible with the devices which are having SDXC and SDHC slots.

This Class best 10 UHS-I cards are offering with an easy plug-and-play set of operations along with the built-in ECC to easily detect. This will even help you to fix all sorts of errors. It is available with a lifetime warranty for a limited time.


Well, all those people who are anxious to know about what memory cards should I buy for a Nikon D810, for them this list would have come across to be a lot helpful.

We have presented you with the list of top best memory cards which are all unique and different from one another in terms of their working capacity and performance.So which one of these is your favorite one?

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