Top 5 Best Hunting Cameras in 2020 | Guide and Comparison

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Nature lovers, hunters or individuals, the hunting camera is becoming more and more of a prominent place in our society because the applications are multiple. So do not wait any longer to buy your cam to film and take great wide angle shots even in night vision.

What is a Hunting Camera?

Used in large part by the hunter community, it allows you to watch game, day or night. But more and more individuals are acquiring this type of device to observe wildlife in the wilderness or simply capture images as part of the self-monitoring of their home, their property, their land or their personal belongings. using as a surveillance camera or spy camera . Through this buying guide , we have gathered all the information to know in order to choose the best hunting camera  adapted to your needs.

Top 5 Best Hunting Cameras in 2020

1. FHDCAM: Waterproof Hunting Camera

best camera for hunting in 2019

2. Cuddeback: Best Camera for Hunting

hunting cam

3. Spartan Ghost Verizon: Ghost Hunting Camera

best ghost hunting camera

4. Trail Camera: Hunting Camera for Deer

Hunting Camera for Deer

5. QUARKJK: Wildlife Trail Night Vision Camera

Wildlife Trail Night Vision Camera

Our entire editorial team invites you to discover below some of the  best hunting cameras  of this year 2020, selected according to technical, functional and economic criteria. Do not miss to read our  full test on each of these mini camera.

How does a Hunting Camera Work?

It is a small sport camera intended for the observation of the fauna in the natural environment in all discretion: that is why it is also called a photographic trap . Originally intended for hunters, it seduces a much more heterogeneous audience. From the simple sports fan wanting to immortalize an action, to the passionate of volatile hoping to observe rare species, it also attracts more and more individuals who transform its primary use in spy camera to protect their home.

The interest lies in the fact that it can be used outdoors and fixed on a support . Its ability to trigger automatically during a motion detection coupled with a long life of its battery and its recording capacity via its SD card make it a “spy camera” worthy of a James Bond gadget! So we use it as a camcorder HD video recorder.

How to Choose a Hunting Camera?

The 10 criteria to check to make a good choice

1. Robustness of the device

The robustness  is paramount. As a first-line purchase, do not go on a low-end model but rather assume that your camera will be installed outdoors, day and night , and potentially exposed to sunlight, negative temperatures, rain, snow, wind and humidity . Choose a model with a solid and waterproof (waterproof) case!

2. Fastening system

The interest lies in its ability to be fixed on a support such as the trunk or the branch of a tree and thus prevent it from being damaged by too curious animals. In use spy camera, it will be important to fix it away from view and height.

For this, choose a camera with a solid strap , easily adjustable and adjustable and resistant to wear . Some models offer a notch for setting up a padlock.

3. Battery life

Operating most of the time with 4 or 8 LR6 batteries , it will be important to choose high quality batteries with a high energy capacity. This capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere hour). Choose batteries with a capacity greater than 2600 mAh . Given the price of batteries, it will be interesting to buy rechargeable batteries, certainly more expensive than conventional batteries, and invest in a battery charger .

4. Getting started and settings

The operation  is not more complex to use than a conventional camera when you understand the different modes of catches. In summary, a quality camera will offer 4 modes of operation:

  • The photo mode that simply allows you to take shots
  • The video mode for shooting sequence
  • The hybrid mode that combines image capture and video
  • The Time Lapse mode that starts a photo or video recording at a preset time and programmed in advance.

In addition to the choice of the operating mode and depending on your device, different settings will be made such as the brightness or the triggering speed. The instructions for the devices are very well explained and it will only take a few days and tests to take control of your device.

5. LCD screen display

Like all current digital cameras, it has an LCD screen that allows you to navigate menus, choose features and modes of operation and make adjustments. If you are used to this kind of technology, you will have no trouble using your camera. There are explanatory tutorials on the net. Favor cameras designed with a widescreen display for ease of navigation.

6. Motion detector

The motion detection is one of the most important functions. Why ? Because over a period of one day, only a few minutes of observations will be useful to capture the best moments. But if the camera would remain active all the time, its battery would be exhausted after a few hours. Hence the primary interest of the motion detector function to optimize the operating time.

The more sophisticated and efficient the camera, the more the risk of automatic triggering of a parasitic movement will be discarded. The parasite movements often resemble the motion of objects or tree branches in the wind.

7. Quality of images and videos

Another important point to mention in this list of the most important criteria to choose your animal camera is the quality of the images and videos captured from the lens. As for the camera of your smartphone, this definition of the image is given in megapixels (MP). Today, even a basic model is equipped with a goal of 12 MP, which is already respectable. By going upmarket, we reach the objectives of 16 MP, 20 MP or more … On some models, the option High Definition (HD) is a real asset. Finally, check the vertical resolution for the videos.

8. Range and angle of view

The minimum range  should be between 15 and 20 meters during the day and 10 to 15 meters at night. The most advanced models have a range greater than 25 meters during the day.

The angle of view should not be neglected. Conventionally, a camera has a viewing angle of 60 ° . For models with a 100 ° viewing angle , the chances of capturing an event are much higher with its large field of view.

9. Night vision

The infrared mode for using your camera in night mode is the most popular feature of the users. Indeed, it is well known that animals as thieves prefer to go out at night. With the infrared hunting camera , even in the darkest night (without the moon), in “passive” mode, your camera will record the slightest movement within its range. Equipped with LEDs , the night vision spy camera is the ultimate video surveillance device.

Check the brightness of the LEDs, measured in nanometer (nm) which is the criterion of discretion of the operation of the LEDs in night mode which emit a red light on your camera … With standard LEDs (850 nm), the red light is visible. On the other hand, with 940 nm LEDs, no light is visible. Your camera becomes invisible at night .

10 .Connections and transfer of content to another medium

Most devices record directly on the built-in SD card . Taking video is very consuming in storage space, it will provide a high capacity SD card in addition to the SD card sold with the device. There are SD cards of 128 GB or more. Once the memory card is full, your photos and videos can be transferred to a computer or view able on a TV if it has an SD card slot. It is also possible to transfer your content via a USB cable to another medium. For the more advanced models, the GSM camera can alert you directly on your smartphone when it is activated and even pass the current record live with a slight shift.

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