10 Best Canon Lenses For Real Estate Photography in 2021

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When it comes to real estate photography, the majority of the professional photographers are keen on paying massive attention to lens selection. They pay a little attention to the lightning gear, or camera as well as tripods which are equally important in any real estate photography. 

Product Name Focal Length Price
Canon EF-S f/4.5-5.6 10-18mm Check Price
Canon EF f/1.8 STM 50mm Check Price
Canon EF Ultra Wide 20-35mm Check Price
Canon EF f/2.8 STM 24mm Check Price
Canon EF f/4L IS USM 16-35mm Check Price
Canon EF f/4L USM 11-24mm Check Price
Canon TS-E f/4L UD 17mm Check Price
Rokinon F2.8 UMC 8mm Check Price
Laowa f/2.8 Zero-D 12mm Check Price
Meike f3.5 Fisheye 8mm Check Price

In any high-quality lens, the main specifications are based on focal length, optical stabilization, low light capability, level of distortion and so much more. 

Therefore, it is much needed to choose the reliable and best canon lens for real estate photography.

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Best Canon Lenses To Shoot Real Estate Photography 2021

Now you might be thinking which Canon lens is best for real estate photography! Well, you don’t need to look around here and there because right here we have compiled a list of outstanding Canon lens 2021 which are incredible to be used for real estate photography. Let’s check this out:

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

If in case you are looking to have an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens, then choosing this amazing Canon EF-S 10-18mmf/4.5-5.6 IS STM is the best option for you! This lens is already having 16-28.8mm of the focal length along with the adjustment of stepping motor which is providing it quiet autofocus.

It is available in both video mode and live mode. It is also affordable along with some incredible features in it.  In case if you want to shoot some videos, then it is also available with the STM motor.

We Like

  • Reasonable price
  • Image with high contrast and sharpness
  • Stepping Motor for achieving high accuracy &quiet autofocus
  • Best Focal Length

We Dont Like

  • Few users do complain about flares or ghosts
  • A little series of barrel distortion

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Canon 50mm lenses belong to the group of basic Prime Lenses with the same set of focal length 50mm. All such lenses are included with the EF type mount which brings an ability to make it get fitted in all sorts of Canon EOS lines of Camera. 

All the lens of Canon 50mm is fully based on the double-Gauss lens design in which it is based on two back-to-back Gauss lenses i.e. positive-meniscus-lens over the object side as well as negative meniscus lens over the image side. This completely reduces the optical aberrations towards a larger focal plane.

We Like

  • Economy based lens
  • Bests in creating shallow depth of some field effects.

We Dont Like

  • AFD motor is quite fast but audible.

Canon EF 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens

This amazing zoom lens is providing ultra-wide-angle based coverage towards a complete APS-C shooter. It has a brilliantly high optic quality which even cuts down its high price-quality as well.

Although it is pricey, but still it is completely prevalent with the features and final results of the image!  Its maximum sharpness is ranging from the level of f/5.6-8.0 at 10mm, to almost f/8 at 14mm, as well as f/8 at 22mm.

Its geometric distortion is although which is around 10mm to about 0.2% pincushion at 22mm. This has been one of the best Canon lenses to shoot real estate photography.

We Like

  • Light in weight and compact
  • Excellent image sharpness
  • Autofocus precision

We Dont Like

  • Gives the final image slightly dark
  • Brings flares in the image result.
  • Expensive

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens

Known for the thin profile, it is one of the most identified and advanced levels of Canon lens which are best known for real estate photography. This lens is attached to the advanced level of the autofocus motor.

It is offered with the 38.4mm-equivalent prime that is just designed for the APS-C-format DSLRs. In its optical design, you will view one a spherical element, which is responsible for reducing the distortion and bring sharpness/clarity in the whole image.

We Like

  • Compact designing
  • Excellent optical performance in the format of jpg
  • Quieter form of focus motor
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio

We Dont Like

  • Autofocus can be a lot better
  • Not too much bright

Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lens

This Canon lens is covering a completely useful wide-angle focal length range which is fully known due to its constant f/4 maximum aperture. It has elegant optional designing with the usage of image stabilization to bring sharp imagery touch. Pick this best lens for real estate video!

For reducing the color fringing as well as chromatic aberrations, two ultra-low dispersion elements have been used. Three basic a spherical elements are used for controlling the distortion and minimizing the spherical aberrations for extra improved sharpness.

We Like

  • Excellent quality of image over the corners
  • Brilliant constant brightness over the entire range
  • High-quality autofocus
  • Solid construction
  • Best for filters

We Dont Like

  • Expensive

Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens

This is an extremely versatile and amazingly designed wide-angle zoom with an advanced range of optical designing.  This lens has been specially designed for the full-frame EOS DSLRs. One UD element with One Super UD Element is offering a completely significant reduction in chromatic aberrations.  This will even bring a feeling of edgy sharpness and illumination in the whole final image result. 

It can even work best for architectural and landscape photography. The best thing about this best lens for real estate photography canon is that it is both dust resistant and water-resistant based. A fluorine coating has been fully applied on the rear and front elements for protection against any sort of smudges or fingerprints.

We Like

  • Giant view field
  • A little piece of distortion
  • Durable construction
  • Less chromatic aberration

We Dont Like

  • Heavy
  • Lacking image stabilization

Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L UD A Spherical Ultra Wide Tilt-Shift Lens

Here we are presenting you with the ultra-wide field of view along with the advanced perspective as well as focus control! This is an amazing Canon L-series tilt-shift lens that is best for architecture or interior photography. You can add it with +/- 6.5° of tilt for extra focus control.  When you are shooting with extra stability, a tilt-locking mechanism has to be used. It would not be wrong to call it the best real estate photography lens.

Another best thing about this lens has been its optical designing which is offering four of Ultra-Low Dispersion elements for reducing the color fringing as well as chromatic aberrations.  Furthermore, the floating optical system with the rear focus design will enable you to maintain a complete consistent form of image quality in the focusing range of 9.8″ to infinity.

We Like

  • Brilliant image sharpness
  • Gives wide-angle capacity with tilt feature

We Dont Like

  • Expensive

Rokinon 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II Fixed Lens

This amazing black, Sony E-mount Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 UMC Fisheye II is the best prime fisheye lens that has been designed just for the APS-C sized image sensors. It is best to provide around 35mm-equivalent focal length of almost 12mm as well as a full 180° angle of view.

It can work best for any creative applications or even for your interior/ architectural subjects.  To work in low light conditions, it has the fastest range of f/2.8 maximum aperture. The entire designing of the lens is also featuring the built-in lens hood as well as UMC coating for reducing the surface reflections and preventing an overall lens flare.

We Like

  • Affordable
  • Durable built
  • Excellent contrast
  • High sharpness
  • Best focus and aperture rings
  • Quite a lot easy to use

We Dont Like

  • Lacking digital contacts
  • Does not offer filters for filter threads

Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D Ultra-Wide Angle Lens

This great lens is working as a reliable wide-angle prime in which it is offering a rectilinear optical design. It is specially designed to limit distortion for an extra clear and bring high accuracy in the architectural or landscape projects.

Its optical construction is also incorporating a pairing of a spherical elements with three extra-low dispersion elements. This is all done to have a control on spherical as well as chromatic aberrations.

Furthermore, over the top of the lens finishing, Frog Eye Coasting is applied too.  This is done to simply repel the moisture and dust to appear on the front side of the lens during outdoor photography. The lens will even make your offer with the precise manual focus designing with the floating optical system. 

It is also featuring with the multi-layer nano-coating for controlling the surface reflections, as well as flare, plus ghosting for realizing a high level of contrast. 

We Like

  • Offers zero distortion
  • Durable built quality
  • High-quality image results
  • Excellent macro capability

We Dont Like

  • Available with the territory of using a 12mm lens

Meike 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens Ultra Wide Angle for Canon EF Mount Cameras

This lens is working as a creative tool to produce some dramatic imagery outlook results.  This best Sony E-mount lens is providing around 12mm equivalent focal length for the photographers. 

Its interesting factor has been its fisheye design which is providing a complete surreal display with an extra-strong distortion as well as curved horizons for bringing a unique effect in the image.

It is also featuring with the multi-layer nano-coating for controlling the surface reflections, as well as flare, plus ghosting for realizing the high level of contrast.  This nano-coating will work brilliantly in both daylights and strong light conditions.  Manual focus designing with the manual aperture ring is bringing precise control in favor of exposure and focus.  Its construction built makes it durable and long-lasting to use.

We Like

  • Excellent sharpness
  • Low level of CA
  • Affordable
  • Unique creative possibilities

We Dont Like

  • Fitting of the lens hood is bad
  • Daunting to manually focus the lens


This is an end of the discussion about the top 10 reliable and best canon lens for real estate photography which you need to buy right now. The entire 10 camera lens which we have presented right above for you are completely different from one another in terms of image quality and manually focusing on the image! You need to pick the one which you probably think will suit best according to your requirement needs, photo capture and budget for sure.

So which one of these lenses is your favorite one? you can comment below.

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