What Does Mirrorless Camera Mean

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Cameras provide us a chance to capture the precious moments and cherish them later. First when cameras were introduced, there was much hype related to it, then with the passage of time the hype was transformed into easy to operate and much more advanced cameras. One of the most widely known camera, the DSLR ruled the world of photography for a really long time but these days, this rule of DSLR seems to be threatened by the newly introduced Mirror less cameras. It’s not like the mirror less cameras are new to the market, they have always been there but some crafty modifications have completely transformed the working of a simple mirrorless camera to a camera that can give hard-hitting opposition to DSLR.

What Does Mirrorless Camera Mean

The basic principle on which mirror less cameras work is evident from the name. These cameras are made to function without the use of mirror, which performs the function of transferring the light to the prism in DSLR. But in mirror less cameras with no mirror how do they function? Well, in these cameras, the light passes directly from the lens to the sensor which transmits it to EVF, the electronic view finder. This is the common principle that is followed in almost all the professional Mirrorless cameras. Let us just dig deep into the working procedure of these cameras:

How Does Mirrorless Camera Work?

As explained above, the direct passage of light to the sensor instead of bumping into the prism through the mirror summarizes the working principle. The most important component in almost all the top mirrorless cameras, is the EVF, the electronic view finder. This is the basic component that has replaced the function of mirror in the mirrorless cameras. The basic point to ponder is that because of the absence of mirror, all the mirrorless DSLRs are smaller in size as compared to a regular DSLR, which gives them an upper hand over these DSLR.

How Does Mirrorless Camera Work

These mirrorless cameras provide the same quality of image and also can easily be carried anywhere anytime. The optical view finder in the DSLR is replaced by EVF, the electronic view finder in all the professional mirrorless cameras, so in this way the mirror mode can easily be avoided, hence what mirrorless cameras mean through their name. Same goes with the shuttering sound, the main characteristic of a camera, this sound is made when mirror flips in the upward direction when the button of regular DSLR is pressed but in the case of mirrorless cameras, they have a benefit because absence of mirrors eliminates the shutter sound which can be considered as an impressive alteration in all the best mirrorless cameras all over the world.

Benefits of Mirrorless Cameras:

The benefits of mirrorless cameras are infinite as these cameras are the best things which have ever happened to the world of photography. Starting with first things first, a good mirrorless camera occupies less space as compared to the regular cameras of this age. This feature is mostly suitable for the professional photographers who don’t have to carry on their duty those big and bulky cameras. Just the absence of a single mirror has totally transformed the weight of the professional mirrorless cameras.

Benefits of Mirrorless Cameras

Now, the second most important benefit is that these top mirrorless cameras can easily use any third party lens so in this way suppose you are using Sony’s mirrorless camera yet you don’t have to use the lens from the same company, you can use any lens from any third party and it would work just fine. Similarly, the third important benefit is the absence of shutter sound in the mirrorless DSLR while the normal DSLRs give a really loud shuttering sound. But with the best mirrorless camera, it is possible to avoid the shuttering sound so the calmness and tranquility aren’t disturbed during the work.

Last but not the least, quality of pictures is same in both mirrorless DSLRs and normal DSLRs which is a really important feature so in this way when quality isn’t compromised why not go for the top mirrorless cameras keeping in view all the benefits of the mirrorless cameras under your range while searching for best camera for your work.

Why Mirrorless Cameras are Better?

All the top mirrorless cameras have been breaking the myth that big size means better quality. This is a really famous myth that has been proved utterly wrong by the professional mirrorless cameras of this age. A good mirrorless camera provides the same quality photography that can be expected from mirrored cameras.

Mirrorless cameras are better than the mirrored ones in so many ways as you don’t have to keep another person with you to support you with those big gigantic cameras, so this feature which makes them more portable than the regular mirrored cameras is highly praise worthy.

Why Mirrorless Cameras are Better

Similarly, these mirrorless DSLRs can be used as drones or even in underwater tasks to capture the beauty of sea life living deep in the sea world. Same goes with the sound feature, a good mirrorless camera should provide you tranquility during your work because of the minimized shuttering sound, so you can use them to capture the beauty of wild life too and can easily take shots of endangered bird species without the fear of them being repelled because of those loud shuttering sounds.

The most important feature that has changed the fate of world of photography is that these professional mirrorless cameras are made in such way that they can be used almost with any lens from all over the world. You don’t have to use the lens of a big certified company, just go with the company or any third party that makes such lens which are suitable to your cameras and to your pockets as well so they can be considered pretty economic as compared to the regular DSLRs, which are made specific in lens demands. Hence these cameras are better than DSLRs in many ways and serve us a mighty competitor to the latter.

Advantages of Mirrorless Cameras:

When we explore the pros of the mirrorless cameras, it is evident that a good mirrorless camera has a clear upper hand on the traditional cameras. One of the most important mode of these mirrorless cameras is that they have a hybrid auto focus system which is capable of capturing the right scene in the shortest time duration possible.

Advantages of Mirrorless Cameras

So in this way, these mirrorless cameras are easily used in car races or motor bike races and hence best quality images are produced. Face detection of these cameras can’t be compared to any other camera, as it is of the best quality possible in this era. DSLR lacks behind in taking photos in low lights while mirrorless cameras are capable of taking clearer photos in dim light as compared to a traditional DSLR.

When mirrorless cameras were introduced, it was said that they had more cons rather than the pros but in this article we have shown you the infinite pros of a mirrorless camera. Similarly, there was a stereotype that may be mirrorless cameras don’t work with all lenses. This is nowhere right or proved, as a professional mirrorless camera works with a greater variety of lenses as compared to a DSLR. Hence the advantages of a mirrorless cameras can’t be counted.

What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera?

A mirrorless digital camera is basically a digital camera that doesn’t use mirror and can be operated with multiple lenses. A mirrorless DSLR works in a way that the light goes straight from the lens to the sensor and then to EVF with no mirror involved. So there is no function of any sort of mirror or prism and no flipping of mirror with complete elimination of the shutter, which is solely what a mirrorless camera means.

What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera

Mirrored DSLRs have given a tough competition to the routine DSLRs in every possible way and hence are going to rule the photography world which was once ruled by DSLR only. There are many best mirrorless cameras available in the market that have different options and methodology depending on the consumer and the purpose for which the camera is bought. Some of the examples are Nikon Z 6 mirrorless cameras which give 4K video resolution and hence 24.5 megapixels picture quality. Similarly Fujifilm X-T3 is also a mirrorless camera with 26.1 megapixels picture quality and the resolution of same 4K, and there are many more with same affordable prices and attractive features.

Pros and Cons of Mirrorless Cameras:

When buying a mirrorless camera, we are certain of gazillions of benefits of mirrorless cameras. A good mirrorless camera lets you capture the best quality picture without making you tired of heavy weight cameras, you can enjoy the maximum serenity with quite photography feature as the shuttering sound doesn’t exist without the mirror, you can use almost any compatible lens with a mirrorless camera and that should work just fine. And last but not the least, the mostly highlighted feature is that these cameras are least expensive and hence more pocket friendly.

Pros and Cons of Mirrorless Cameras

But with these multiple pros, there exist some cons too. The mirrorless cameras have less battery life, and by less we mean 50 percent less battery life. This is because it doesn’t have any mirror so the electronic view finder has to do multiple task and the burdened on it is increased twice the actual one so this is one of the major cons. Similarly, one more con is a really obvious one which is that when we have bought a mirrorless DSLR we want it to serve the purpose of a weightless camera but for the best mirrorless camera we have to use best lens which are often heavier, so the camera isn’t weightless anymore and possess the same weight as a regular DSLR does.

Difference Between Mirrorless Cameras Vs DSLR:

The first difference between a mirrorless DSLR and a regular DSLR is of course, the absence of mirror. This is the basic difference in both cameras and hence they are easily distinguished from each other.

Difference Between Mirrorless Cameras Vs DSLR

The second difference is the light weight of a mirrorless camera as compared to a heavy weight DSLR. The absence of mirror reduces the mirror compartment and hence, mirrorless cameras are made light weight but in DSLR, this feature is entirely opposite, and it’s actually a really heavy camera.

The revolutionary difference is the basic principle on which these cameras work. In DSLR, there exists the optical view finder which works in correlation with the mirror and prism but in mirrorless cameras, there exists only the electronic view finder which works with the light sent to it by the sensor. These are the basic differences and hence two cameras are drastically different from each other.

Same goes with the shutter, a mirrorless DSLR doesn’t produce any shutter as it doesn’t have any mirror that should be flipped in the upward direction but on the contrary, the DSLR works with a shutter that produces a really loud and clear shutter sound.

Does a Mirrorless Camera Have a Viewfinder?

Let us discuss this aspect by defining the viewfinder and its functions. A viewfinder focuses the object to be photographed, gives it a nice frame and produces a composed and visible effect to the maximum. When we dig deep into the functioning of a regular DSLR, we realize that it has a basic component of optical view finder without which, it simply can’t work.

Does a Mirrorless Camera Have a Viewfinder

But does a mirrorless camera have a viewfinder? The answer is yes, as no camera can work to the maximum without the existence of a small rectangle in the top i.e. a viewfinder. So a mirrorless camera also comprises of an electronic view finder and replaces the function of mirror in the best possible way. The light that comes to the sensor from the lens, goes directly into the EVF, or electronic view finder and hence, then the auto focus mode produces the phenomenal quality of the picture.

Do You Need a Lens For a Mirrorless Camera?

Before we dig deep into this problem, let us explore the function of a lens. What function does it perform and why is it such a crucial part of a camera? Basically, the lens of a camera deals with gathering and focusing the light and it is the same part that transmits the light from the surroundings to the sensor.

Do You Need a Lens For a Mirrorless Camera

Now coming back to the question, do we need a lens for a mirrorless camera? The answer to this one too is yes, we do need a lens for a mirrorless camera. While dealing with any sort of camera, you need to have a lens, and especially for mirrorless cameras, lens is an important part otherwise the photography will be called as pinhole photography which is completely a different topic.

The mirrorless DSLR are quite famous for this reason that they don’t need any criteria to be followed when it comes to the selection of a right lens. Basically, mirrorless cameras don’t show any specificity towards the lens selection. We can use any third party lens, or any lens of our choice and that would work in perfect compatibility with the camera. Hence the function of a lens in a mirrorless camera is unavoidable and mirrorless cameras can’t be used to their maximum without a lens.

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